Closing The Deal – S7:E3


Realtor Jason is waiting when a prospective homebuyer, Sophia Locke arrives to a showing. Sophia apologizes for running late, then listens as Jason gives her the rundown on the house. He offers her a tour and she accepts. When they reach the master bedroom, Sophia tells Jason that she may need to test it out. She goes into the walk in closet and comes out without a shirt. Climbing into the bed, she tells Jason that she needs to test that out, too.At first, Jay tries to pretend that he doesn’t understand what Sophia is asking for. She spells it out for him that she will make an offer on the house if he gets into bed with her and fucks her. Jason’s hesitation melts away. After all, Sophia is one hot mama who definitely knows how to get exactly what she wants. Seeing that Jason is already hard for her, Sophia sweetens the pot by pulling his cock out to suck him off.Now that he’s semi-committed Jason doesn’t argue when Sophia strips them out of their clothes and climbs onto him to ride his hardon. In fact, watching those big boobies bounce is a huge turnon. Jason gets Sophia on her knees to do her in doggy, then lets his hands roam where they will as she rides him in reverse cowgirl. On her back, Sophia moans nice and loud as Jason brings her off, then nuts on her belly. The afterglow is even better with the promise of a house sale on top of it.

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Added on: September 20, 2023

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