Stepmom Loves Morning Wood – S2:E4


Jenna Noelle has been fucking her stepson, Jason, but she keeps claiming it’s going to be the last time. Today when she wakes Jason up and tells him that he’s going to be late for school. Jason begs for five more minutes and points out that they could have a repeat performance of the last time he was late. Jenna wavers at first, but the promise of Jay’s big morning wood is too much for her to resist. They agree to do it again as long as they both keep it on the DL. It’s not even a second later that Jenna has her puffy lips wrapped around that enticing fuck stick to suck Jason off in a BJ that proves she means business.Jenna takes her time with her stepson’s dick, getting to her knees to slip out of her robe before she goes back to work sucking Jason’s balls. The next time Jenna rears back, it’s to peel off her bra. The third time she pops her mouth off that hardon, Jenna wiggles out of her thong and then turns around so she can seat herself on Jason’s cock. She sets a rhythm that she knows will be mutually satisfying, especially when Jason reaches up to squeeze and smack that ass. Turning around, Jenna spreads her thighs nice and wide so Jason can enjoy a view of her big titties jiggling and her hairy pussy eating his dick as she rides him.Jason finally gets out of bed and lays Jenna down so he can tower over his stepmom. Jenna wastes no time opening her legs to invite him back inside. Jason gives it to his busty stepmama, keeping up his pussy pounding until Jenna is mewling with delight. When he is at the precipice of cumming, Jason pulls out to blow his load all over Jenna’s hairy muff. Smiling in satisfaction, Jenna pinky swears with Jason that they’ll keep their hookups a secret.

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Added on: September 20, 2023

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